All Aboard!

“Are you doing what you love in a business you love?”

If the answer to both parts of that question is a resounding ‘Yes!’, that’s truly great news — keep the passion and performance alive!

However, if the answer to either part of this question is a resounding (or even softly delivered) ‘No’ – then please read on …

In his best selling business book “From Good to Great”, author Jim Collins and his team share their research findings and insights into what makes an organisation stand out from the pack – being great in measurable, quantifiable, explicit terms. A number of elements were identified as hallmarks of these great companies. Of particular interest to The Right Bus is one he terms ‘First Who … then What.’  Jim highlights the fact that great organisations have ‘the right people on the bus, in the right seats.

At any number of points in your career you may find yourself in the wrong seat on the right bus or indeed on the wrong bus altogether. How do you know? Well, review the question at the top of the page. The Right Bus works with individuals to help them discover, uncover and define their passions, their capabilities, their goals and apply these professional insights to their career decisions, in a practical, actionable way.

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